Life is given to live! Not just to exist! We are given gifts to uncover. We are given powers to strengthen. We are given responsibilities to meet. Each person has a potential within her to live the life in her best interest and also in the interest of all. What is that which makes one person to differ from another? It is the upbringing, belief system and the habits. Only when one takes responsibility for her condition without blaming the other or the Creator she will grow in life. And when a person grows she becomes a boon to everyone with whom she is connected. As the Universal Law says we are all connected to each other in one way or the other, the growth of a person will definitely affect each and everyone in the universe, that too in a positive way!

Each day has a life in itself to live to the fullest. A well spent day will automatically design the following day and so the future is designed. A day can said to be well spent when we live consciously in awareness. Living consciously by being aware of all our strength and by exercising them. One needs to decide by herself how she is going to live her life. The life which is given by the Creator is precious. Precious things are to be preserved and nurtured but not to be wasted with ignorance.


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